How can we add/create a ledger of any account like supplier account, customer account in ABM?

How to add a customer, supplier, expenses account or ledger in ABM. How to decide which group name should select for which type of ledger account

Reviewer Asked on February 18, 2017 in ABM.
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To create any type of account follow these steps

  • Goto Master->Account Master
  • Type Account Name in Account Name field
  • Fill print name, the software will fill this automatically. if you want to change you can
  • Select group name according to account. ex. for the supplier – Sundry Creditors, for the customer – Sundry Debtors, for expenses – Direct Expense or Indirect Expense
  • Enter opening of current date (if account is in negative then select Dr else select credit)
  • Fill address, contact details (optional)
  • Click on Save button.

Create account master in abm accounting software

Support Manager Answered on March 2, 2017.
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